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WAPPS to host a PetTech First Aid Certifying Class!

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  • WAPPS to host a PetTech First Aid Certifying Class!

    We are so happy to announce that we will be hosting a PetTech Pet First Aid and Safety, 3 day class forum on August 22nd, 23rd, & 24th here in the Madison WI area! This is an opportunity to become formally certified and to give the gift of educated confidence to yourself and your staff in the event of an emergency!
    Those interested may contact myself or Mary aka "workingchihuahua" for details!!
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    These are 2 separate classes running at the same time.
    Sunday August 22nd is the 8 hour pet cpr, first aid and care seminar. It is also Day One of the Instructor Program.
    Monday and Tuesday is Day Two and Three for Instructor Training.
    Certified Master Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Instructor
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      I took Mary's class last year when she held in in our area, and I have to say...just learning the CPR and Rescue Breathing techniques made it absolutely worth the minimal cost of the class.

      I had a Shih last week that had some sort of "episode" an asthmatic attack (way worse than the run of the mill "snorffel thing" they typically do) over NOTHING.
      I can't tell you the peace of mind I had...knowing that not only myself, but my asst. as well, had this training.
      We calmly and gently assisted him until he came "out of it" (about 5 minutes)...but were prepared to take the next step if need be..because WE KNEW what the next step was. Thanks Mary!

      By far...the greatest thing you will get out of this peace of mind because you'll know how to react in a situation that inevitably...if you groom long WILL face.

      (I informed the owner and she casually mentioned he had been doing this at home as well. Uh????? Call the vet! I won't be grooming him again until he's thoroughly checked and cleared by his vet. Knowing Rescue Breathing, and actually WANTING to do it on an icky faced Shih are 2 totally different things. )
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