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    Way back when, before grooming, I was involved in the retail/service industry, particularly art/framing/supplies. Well, we had a national association called the Professional Picture Framer's Assc. There were regional chapters that were lead by elected officers, but each chapter had to abide by and follow the national organization's standards and bylaws.

    It was great having a local (or regional) association, where we could have speakers, seminars, educational sessions, etc.

    Well, I've thought A LOT about this since being in the grooming field and wondered WHY don't the groomer's associations have a similar concept? It would greatly improve participation by having a "local" chapter where people could feel a bit of ownership. Not to mention, more groomers certifying and using the continuing education available.

    I'd love to see something like this in my area and I would definitely be willing to help organize it

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    I think it is a fantastic idea. I would love to see something like this happen and would be interested in participating also!


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      excellent idea! how about it?
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        I would love to see this happen.


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          Way back in the 90's, ISCC was set up with National Directors (one for eastern "half" of the US, one for western "half" of the US, and one for Canada), 10 or 12 (I think — I don't really remember how many) Regional Directors, and State Directors. Each Regional Director was responsible for appointing State Directors in their region, and working with them to recruit members and plan activities for each state in their region. Some areas were more involved than others (some states never even had a State Director), and because all of the director positions were volunteer positions, it didn't really last. By '98 or '99, the National Directors were gone and the Regional Directors kind of faded away, too.

          It seemed like a good idea. Too bad it never really went anywhere. I guess that's what happens when you are so dependent on volunteers. I've seen it happen in many state associations, too. A few people end up doing all the work, and when they get burned out on it, the association goes away.


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            Well, what I envision is individual CHAPTERS, run by the members and the ELECTED officers. Each chapter is responsible for raising their own funds (that keeps the chapter operating), abiding by the by-laws/codes of the National organization, yet they are each run independently with support of the nat. organization.

            I feel this would greatly increase overall membership, as well as, encourage more participation and even more certifications. Also, *IF* licensing does come to fruition, it would be a really great way for professional groomers to keep abreast of the regulations etc. I just see this as being a great thing for those of us who want to further our knowledge and professional image.


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              I think that is a great idea!
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                I think so too and would love to see a form of this happen.


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                  I'd love to see this put into place as well, I can't see how it could do anything but benefit all members as long as everyone did their part.
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                    I've been thinking about this subject again, lol.

                    It's such a doable thing, but there would have to be a willing association to back the project. There are SOOOO many hungry groomers out there begging for more local events and with the economy the way it is now, it's hard to afford the long distance shows and expensive seminars!

                    Surely, there are associations out there that want to increase their membership and participation! Come on everyone, let's support this idea and let them know we WANT IT! As I said in my original post, I'd be happy to help in any way possible to launch this project.


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                      I would also be happy to help in some way.


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                        Wisconsin groomers

                        WI already has one -

                        I would love to participate - absolutely no time right now. The boarding/grooming takes up the majority of our time, I'm editor of our Parent Club (Dachshunds) quarterly magazine, I try to show - 2 girls need CH.'s and trying to finish the GCh. on my special - as much as possible (which isn't much anymore), and then of course we take care of our own 14 dogs...