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IPG, Inc. International Professional Groomers Update

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  • IPG, Inc. International Professional Groomers Update

    We are pleased to announce a closer working relationship with the IPG. Here is a message from them with links too!


    At International Professional Groomers, IPG, we recognize the value of Certification.

    Through the unity of its members IPG, Inc. is able to not only recognize the achievements and aid in the attainment of goals in individual skill and overall business success, through training, support and certification, but to provide a invaluable resource for information and support. It is the viewpoint of IPG through the cumulative efforts of professional groomer’s worldwide to establish clear standards of excellence within the industry.

    Obtaining certification through IPG will stand as a solid credential to prospective clients or employers, assuring them you possess the passion and drive to enhance your knowledge and skill. The certification process not only enhances the image of your industry, it will show you are much more desirable and qualified to prospective employers or when presenting your business proposal to planning commissions and loan departments. Certification is a great way to validate your professionalism.

    The International Professional Groomers, Inc is an International organization which:

    Provides International industry standards for the professional pet groomer based upon the countries breed standards of perfection. Tests are currently available for the US, Australia and Canada with translations in French and Spanish.

    Provides advanced continuing education programs designed to enhance the technical expertise and business acumen of professional pet groomers.

    Provides a Code of Ethics to be followed by all members and certified groomers, suitable for framing.

    Provides an examination program whereby the grooming expertise of professional pet groomers may be demonstrated and certified. These tests are based upon the breed standards found in the American Kennel Club’s The Complete Dog Book, 20th edition (or your country’s governing Kennel Club standards) and the IPG’s Certification Guidelines.

    Certifies pet groomers in five phases, culminating in the International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG).

    Certified Groomers Directory published annually will list all certified IPG members.
    Notification of IPG, Inc. certification test sites, workshops and continuing education opportunities, as well as other national and international seminars.

    Professional fellowship: IPG, Inc. provides you an opportunity to expand your professional contacts and make new friends among individuals with common interests, concerns and goals. Quarterly newsletters to keep you abreast of association activities as well as industry news and events.

    Please contact us at:

    IPG: Hayley Keyes, [email protected] or [email protected] 336-340-7915 or fax 336-299-7164

    Linda Easton, [email protected] or [email protected] 503-551-2397 or fax 503-581-1220

    Our web site is Thank you.
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    Very nice. I love the new title and the new logo! Really exciting!
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      I have questions! Could someone who is certified through IPG send me a PM?
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