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Become a Wags Member... Support Grooming in the NorthWest

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  • Become a Wags Member... Support Grooming in the NorthWest

    For only $50 you can sign up and become a Wags member. The money goes towards Wags events (seminars, and grooming competitions) It's a tax write off for employers... sign up all your employees!!! and if your boss won't pay, what's $50? You recieve all the info on upcoming events. You get discounts for seminars and competition entries. If you don't want to compete, you are supporting those who do. You are helping your fellow groomers, because right now they can only afford to put on one event a year!!!!

    Most of the events are held in the greater vancouver area! The richmond one was like 20 minutes from the border... so even the Americans in the northwestern states could have attented. I traveled 9 hours from northern BC to attend!

    AND... I just attended and there was a LOUSY turnout. there were maybe 10 groomers there for seminars and demos, and 8 competitors. These seminars and demos are GREAT learning experiences and if you compete, you have the potential to earn money and prizes, or just gain some experience and get pointers on your grooming! No one Knows it all! there's always something you can pick up on.

    Please become a member! Support grooming in western Canada!

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    I think you guys are the closest to me here in Juneau that I've seen yet.

    Can US folks join?


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      Huge supportive congratulations to you on your efforts! This sounds like a great group to get rolling! You drove 9 hours!? I am impressed!
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        The Washington Alliance of Groomers, Inc

        Is also in Washington state. We are haing a Barbara Bird Seminar at the end of THIS month!

        Go to our web site for more information...
        Pam Julian


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          Thanks Pam, i just saw this, the nick Name for the Washington Alliance of groomers is WAG
          You ougt to come check us out sometime
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