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Pet care union?

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  • Pet care union?

    The pet care industry is not regulated at all where I live, so small business owners are blatantly taking advantage of employees and violating wage laws, osha regulations, etc. Its ridiculous, I've been talking with several other groomers I know about unionizing, but the only similar union I can find is a vet clinic is san fransisco that merged with a larger union. Is there anyone with more information, or who would be interested in unionizing?

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    I have seen efforts but none ever made it. I am surprised it is difficult to get results. Every state has some form of employment regulation agency. Especially when it comes to wage mismanagement and osha. Have these people contacted the right agency and got no follow-up?
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      The changes from reporting it only affect the specific business, if you go to a new store theres always a whole other set of problems. Itd be nice to be able to get owners and management to listen without having to go through several agencies first and potentially getting them fined in the process. And even though legally they cant retaliate, they always do, and most people I've seen it happen to dont have the time or energy to take legal action