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  • My son is a HERO

    I am writing today to talk about a hero that is near and dear to me. Recent events have shown a spotlight on his bravery and his capacity to save a life. The hero is my son, Michael Simons, a volunteer firefighter and EMT who was credited with saving the life of Capt. Richard Hirsch, a fellow firefighter. Way to go, Mike!

    The captain collapsed while battling a house fire and Michael responded with swift efficiency, helping to revive the man through the use of a defibrillator. According to the report, Captain Hirsch was not breathing and non-responsive.

    We are all so proud of Mike and his efforts! The capacity to save a live is an amazing gift and Mike has proven that he is a responsible firefighter and EMT. I have included a picture from the scene. Michael was honored with other firefighters and cited for his bravery in the field.

    I cannot say enough about how proud I am of my son! I believe that children are one of our greatest gifts and I encourage everyone out there to be proud of your children and their accomplishments both big and small.
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    Mike is 4th from left

    Hello! I forgot to note that Mike is the fourth firefighter from the left.

    He is wearing a gray t-shirt and is squatting down next to the firefighter
    with the red helmet

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      That's really cool

      Chuck, you must be very proud! I'm sure it feels good too. Love ya.


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        Oh, boy I sure needed to read this! After a simply AWFUL day, I logged on and this was the first post I read. I'm glad.

        I miss my dad so much that sometimes I feel my heart literally skip a beat with grief and I must force myself to keep on keepin' on. He was MY hero, you see. And yet, hearing the words of love, pride, and utter happiness in the voice of someone else's dad as they talk about their child... it reminded me of how my dad used to brag about me, his only kid. And that made me smile. Once again, thanks for that. I needed it.

        The joy & pride in your post acts as a tonic to my battered heart & body, Chuck. I'm so very happy that your son was able to save a life, and overjoyed that it was YOUR son, the son of my friend, who did it.

        Well done. Very well done, indeed!
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          Wow! Soak up the applause, Michael--you have earned it! *clapping for you*!! You should be so proud, Chuck--I know that you are! Glad that everyone is alright, too!
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            That is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Chuck!
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              Beautiful and heartwarming. Enjoy your pride in him. Brings tears to my eyes.


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                ( clapping )
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                  Nothing short of amazing, Chuck! I have a lot of respect for people who are so selfless and courageous.


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                    No wonder he turned out so great ... he had a great dad. I think you are wonderful ... you can tell by just how neat a dad you are! (plus I liked you from the shows I've seen you at)


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                      Yay, Chuck's kid!
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                        A blessing

                        when they turn out to be all we hope for and more... Pop your buttons with Pride Dad!
                        Thanks to all the folks who take care of the rest of us. It's a tough and dangerous career.


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                          That is wonderful.

                          Good for you, for him and especially the saved firefighter. Beem with pride dear. Looks like helping people runs in your family.
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                            Pat yourself on the back, Chuck, you did a good job! Congrats to your son, he is a wonderful reflection of a loving home and good parents.
                            My brother is a firefighter, I will send this on to him. He always enjoys hearing a good story, too.



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                              Woo Hoo!! Clapping, Clapping!! I would be super proud also if that was my son ;-) Most of my family are Firefighters and/or EMT and/or police. I'm very proud of them all.

                              Congrats Michael.
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