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    Found out just before the Thanksgiving appointment that one of my clients had a brain tumor removed. The hubby called to cancel the appointment since the female schnauzer had a lump removed from her neck and couldn't be groomed and his wife had a brain tumor removed!

    I go to the December appointment and she was getting the radiation every day. Hubby had to drive her waaayyy across town. Radiation is done and she's doing the chemo now. I was at a client's house around the corner and she mentioned that their house was up for sale so we all thought the worst. I went to groom the house and she's still going thank god. She said since her hubby has to stay home to care for her and chauffer her around, he hasn't been working so they put their house on the market and her car to cut back on costs.

    Well, the 2 dogs are easy to do and I get them done in 1 1/2 hrs. I bring the dogs in and they asked how much. I told them a total $40 less than normal. He says, "that's not right, it's more than that." I said it's this price and if he wrote it for a penny more I was walking out the door w/out the check! I had to insist on it a couple of times lol. He gave in....good man lol! Do as the woman says and all is well! I sat on the couch and was talking w/the wife. She was in tears saying she was gonna make it up to me and I didn't have to do that. I told her she was not going to and all I wanted her to do was concentrate on getting better. Also said I was fine, my bills are paid and I didn't have to do it but I wanted to.

    She showed me her bald head with the nasty scar saying how ugly she/it was. Told her bald is beautiful! Poor thing is so depressed right now..... Me being the realist I am said it is what it is and all the crying in the world won't change the fact and it only brings your body down more. No matter the outcome, this is the hardest part. Stay positive and fight! She goes for an MRI on the 19th, so saying my prayers that all goes well.

    Please say a prayer for Robin and all of those who are sick or down on their luck.


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    I will

    I have a wonderful client who has a sweet easy dog I have done about two+ years now. she has lost 20+ pounds from pancreatitis but with no healing. Tests have not yet shown cancer, but ya have to wonder. She plays the piano, and composes music for her choir and sews beautifully and does many things well. She is never rude or angry. She said so many of her choir ladies are fussy complainers. She has reason to and never does. She also said her mother was an angel and taught her well. If she was a crabby ol' lady her mother would be looking down and be disappointed in her. I pray she doesn't have cancer. A year or two ago she found a love and has a partner. Her husband had did long ago and she never thought she would find another to love. She lives in an upscale 55+ community with golf and loved golf too. Because they have not found Cancer she has not had any treatment for cancer. WE know if it is, not even Patrick Swayze could beat it.

    Being mobile can be a very personal way to care for a clients' dog.


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      You are so wonderfull. It feels good to do something like you are doing. I have some special customers that I do favors for like that.
      I myself just had a biopsy yesterday at the hospital to see if I have uterine cancer. So I'm kinda nervous about that. I have to wait 2 weeks for the results.


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        Royal, that was such a wonderful thing you did. Forty dollars might not seem like much, but when you are down like these poor people are, it is often the "small things" that help so much. It's also great that you took the time to actually sit down and talk to her. Thats not always easy to do with someone who is so visibibly sick.

        My mother had breast cancer and you are so right about how being down and crying only brings the body down and makes it weaker. My Mom was awesome about keeping her spirits up during the long ordeal of treatments and in fact was given the Patient of the Year Award by her cancer treatment center. I don't know how she was so strong and "up" but she is now fully recovered and had her port removed on tuesday (yea!!!).

        I will put your client in my prayers that she is strong enough to beat this thing. I really hope she doesn't let the hair loss bring her down so much that it affects her recovery. My mom's hair came back quickly once she finished that treatment and is so pretty now. She has cute, soft little curls where before her hair was straight and coarse as horse hair.
        SheilaB from SC


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          Jennifer, you really gave those folks thew "Royal" treatment, what a heart you have! You are truly a blessing to those people.

          Sometimes it takes very little on our part to make sone else's lidfe a bit nicer. You certainly did just that!



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            What a great thing to do for someone! I actually had this happen to me before Christmas also. long timer comes in,hes super nice middle aged genteman,and tells me about what his wife is going through.

            She has breast cancer and it looks pretty bad.He talked with me for about half hour about the options,saying they were going to go to some hospital in Texas that is supposed to be great.

            I didnt charge for the groom that day. I couldnt. He was faberglasted when he came back and I told him.

            This last time he came in,he said that she is still in Texas,probably until March,and things were what they were,meaning not good.My heart goes out to them and your client,and all that is going through anything like this.

            The little things we do,whether it be listening,free or reduced grooms,any help at all,means so much.