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    Hey guys, so I watched the Dog Whisperer for the 3rd time today, and it was an episode about the United Hope for Animals shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. It broke my heart to see all of those stray dogs with terrible health and to see the number of dogs in the shelter, well it made me cry. This episode really impacted me, and I feel like I should help.

    I went to their website (I don't know if you're allowed to link on here but I'll post it here anyways and if I can't just let me know)

    And I saw that they needed some vet supplies/equipment for spay and neuter packages. I'd really LOVE to help them, but I've been googling some good vet suppliers and I'm not sure which one I should look at. I was wondering, what are your views on this organization, and do any of you know of a good Veterinary supplier?

    Thanks guys!