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Home-made kennel/cages?

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  • Home-made kennel/cages?

    Do any of you have made your own kennel or cages? If so, do you have pics?

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    I know two other groomers that built kennel banks themselves. Sorry no pictures...but I do know this....

    Once built they were unable to move them.

    If you do build them yourself keep the rows seperate, and stackable rather than building the whole bank as one unit. That seems to be the problem with moving them.

    Just my $.02


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      Here are pictures of my Sister's home made cage bank, a friend of hers is a carpenter and made them for her. It's made of a material called Albright I believe... The material won't rot and is very easy to clean. She has one cage bank with 2 kennels and another with 5, 2 large areas on the bottom that can easily fit a Lab or Shepherd but we prefer to put medium to large dogs in the 2 runs which she has in her shop for giant breeds since she caters to & owns giant breeds she likes to have the large runs. Her wall unit has wonderful sturdy doors which a local vet sold her when he retired. She has also moved the wall unit twice with not that much difficulty just make sure you know some big strong men who will do anything for a beer. LOL

      She does not use these cage banks for drying dogs etc, these are only used for dogs dropped off and not ready for the tub and after the groom waiting to be picked up. She uses open wire crates if she needs to put the dog under a dryer (we have excellent floor dryers that only blow cool air) She does not use fiber glass type crates. I can get better pictures of the cage banks on Saturday when I'm working there if you would like. I love her cage banks, they are sturdy, strong and look so nice and will last a a long time. She's already had them for over a decade I believe.
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        Athena, those cage banks and kennels look wonderful. Wish I had seen those years ago and done something like that.
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