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My Trailer Graphics are Done, Sorta.

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  • My Trailer Graphics are Done, Sorta.

    So here are some pictures, not my best photography.

    I have to take it back in a few weeks when the weather warms up. They got the placement and size of some graphics wrong and the shade off on one of the section of bubbles. It's way better than what I had.

    I hate to ask them to redo so much, but I it was late the night I picked it up because they were running behind and I had appointments the next day so I had to get it back. My wife says I'm just being this is not what I paying for I'm Paying for exactly what my graphic guy designed.
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    Really? I think it looks fantastic!


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      What kind of business did you go to to get this done? I need a wrap for my rig.
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        I think it looks great!


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          Graphics look good from here! I have a question for you tho, I didn't see much in the way of ventilation in your trailer? Do you have that covered? Cause it gets very moist in a mobile without some roof vents!
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            Yes My ac system also vents to the outside. I just turn it over to vent and it pushes air out. Its still not enough for my liking, so I am planning on adding another roof vent later this spring.

            My graphics are not a full wrap. Its what they call spot elements or a partial. You can google sign graphics or vehicle graphics for your area.

            The logo was designed by step son. I gave him my thoughts and he brought them to life. He is a multi talented computer genius with his own online computer repair business.

            After I got the logo design done. I used a graphic guy that I worked with when I was in PR. He got let go the same I did due to the economy. He now does graphic design work on the side. He has done may trailer designs for the company we use to work for. So I trusted his work. is his website. All I had to do was give him all my trailer dimensions and he took it from there.

            Seriously though there are some things that just aren't right that need to be corrected for me to be happy. But I'm glad everyone is liking them.