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First big boy haircut

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  • First big boy haircut

    My nearly 9 month old newfie puppy finally got his first big boy hair cut. He has shed out most of his puppy fur except for his head and chest, and he was showing today, so it was finally time to get his "hippy hair" under control.

    Sorry for the rough pictures, I didn't get started until late last night due to a prior engagement, go it was late and dark!

    Before (although still slightly wet)

    And after:

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    He is georgous!! please, please tell me how you do his head.... I love him!!


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      WOW what a handsome guy you have there. Heck I thought he looked good in the before picture, but the after absolutly beautiful. I sure love Newfie's especially ones that are taken care of.

      Thanks for sharing!


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        He's so beautiful, you did an awesome job!


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          Thanks guys. He did well at the show (reserve winners) and we had a good time. I'm happy to finally be able to see a glimps of what he might look like grown up. That teenage puppyhood time is scary!!

          Riggins, as for the head. Start with the ears. Use your thinners to outline the ears. They should be trimmed almost to the leather, but still look natural. Then take your slicker or greyhound comb and comb the hair up the ear against the grain so it sticks out. With thinners, trim that down to about an inch of hair. Go with or against the grain of hair so it looks natural and doesnt leave lines. With thinners trim the hair under the ears so the ear lays more against the head. They aren't supposed to have poofy ears and they shouldn't be long. They should actually look slightly short for the size of the head. Then trim down the top of the head to match the ears.

          Talk to your clients before doing this. Although it is the proper way to groom a newf, some do like that natural hippy look. I wont keep his head quite so short in the future. He has the potential to have a nice floof, but with the puppy hair still in there, it had to go!