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My cat Cheetah

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  • My cat Cheetah

    This is Cheetah, he is a chocolate tabby point siamese. Dont be fooled by his innocent face, he is very naughty and usually into everything.

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    Those baby blues don't fool me! I can see a little balloon over his head that says, "Who, me?" LOLOL

    He is a beauty, though.


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      He's beautiful! I've always loved Siamese!
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        Years ago when I was working in a shop a lady brought in a little kitten she wanted the shop to take and find a home for it.

        Now I'm really not a cat person, I do put up with them (we have 4 living with us). I took one look at that kitty and ended up taking him home.

        I had never seen one marked like it before. It was just like your Cheetah. Now I see them all the time. We named him Tye (Tye Dye from the hippy generation I grew up in).

        Unfortunatly he isn't with us any longer. He died when he was about 7 yrs old.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          Hey, he looks wonderful and that siamese look!

          May I also share here? This is our Russian Blue, Kitty, getting outside for the first time:

          This breed is verrry friendly and obedient )