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    Reba is oldest at 13. She was rescued from a collector - he had about 40 dogs in a trailer. I adopted her when she was about 1-1/2 years old. It was awesome to watch her discover the world! Unfortunately she has pretty bad hips, so she hasn't been very mobile in recent years. When she could run, she reminded me of a greyhound.

    Ty is almost 9. I've had her since she was a puppy. She is mostly golden but a little tall and lean to be a purebred. She is so beautiful and so well behaved! Her absolutely favorite thing in the world is chasing her balls. She loves the Holey Rolly balls.

    Riley (also my avatar!) is just over a year old and quite the rascal! I adopted him after he was found wandering the streets. He wants whatever Ty has and wants to go wherever she goes. He gets in the kitty litter, chases the cats, surfs the counter, chews up anything including the remote, and totally makes us laugh!!
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    I just have to say something that only a groomer would say to another groomer...I love your dog's feet! lol Ty's feet are so neat and tidy looking!


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      Looks comfy on that couch, I need a nap too, can I get up there? LOL