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    I don't know if any of you will remember as it was a couple of years ago now and I am a notorious lurker here , we lost our miniature schnauzer Maggie very unexpectedly at just 12 months old. Anyway I just wanted to introduce double the trouble as now both me and my mum have a mini, both related to our Maggie and both just as gorgeous as she was; Introducing firstly my girl Lollipop aka Poppy and mums pup Hetty (behind her in the snow, it's hard to get a pic of her as she wont be still for a second!)

    Please ignore Poppys very tight feet I hadn't long had her and her feet were more or less poodle feet when she arrived

    Both have their first show with us coming up in two weeks, thanks for looking! Oh yeah, had to throw one in of my powderpuff Dexter, his face makes me laugh I think he's shocked by the snow! lol
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    Very good lookin babies!! I love the powderpuff in the jacket!! Definitely the show stealer.


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      I do remember when you lost the other dog.

      Your dogs are pretty.
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        cute and I must say I kinda like the tail! we dont see that here very much. Dawn


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          Simply GORGEOUS! I love a HS snz....
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            Beeeeautiful! I was seriously just thinking of your girl that passed, a couple days ago actually...kinda weird!


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              Very impressive!!



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                Beautiful! thanks for sharing!
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                  Thanks guys, we love em! I need to take some more up to date pics, I'll try to remember the camera when we take them to the show then you can see us all in action for the 1st time lol!

                  Jacob that is weird, we have been thinking about Maggie a lot lately (doesn't help that Poppy is the spitting image) so maybe you picked up the vibes somehow. She was a sweetheart and is the logo on the signage of our new shop too, always lookin down on me grooming :-)


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                    Beautiful dogs!