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    This is Arthur. He's a wild 17-month-old golden I'm raising for KSDS, Inc. He's the fourth pup I've raised for them, and has some pretty big paws to fill, as all three of my previous pups have passed through the program. KSDS, Inc trains three kinds of Assistance Dogs: Guide dogs, Service Dogs, and Social Dogs. Pup 1, Fisher was a Social Dog in a nursing home in Hillsboro, KS--and has probably crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as he would have turned 14 last month; unfortunately the original Social Dog program wasn't as well-monitored by KSDS as the recently restarted, revamped program, and they lost track of Fisher. Pup 2, Jitter retired from her career as a Guide Dog in 2003 and is living the good life with her former partner now as a pampered pet. Pup #3, Pop, is in the Guide Dog training program and will graduate with his partner on March 31. Arthur will probably be returning to KSDS (in Washington, KS) sometime this summer. Please start sending "fertility vibes" to the breeding stock, so there will be another pup for me at that time ;-)

    KSDS is always in need of volunteer puppy raisers to open their hearts and homes to Golden or Lab pups to train and socialize in preparation for very important careers. Go to for information.....
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    Arthur is beautiful. But what Golden isn't? I'm a bit partial to them, though I have never owned one. I WILL someday. I'm so glad there are people like you out there, puppy raisers are special people. I'm not sure I could do it, even though I know they were trained for special careers, my heart would break having to let them go. Keep up the good work.



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        awww what a handsome boy! our friends raise goldens and the guide dog foundation has used one of their boys for stud a few times..... glenfinnan farms golden retrivers ... if you google it their website will come up.


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          Good for you! Puppy raisers are the best! Whenever I see anything on TV about these pups and they show their graduations to go on to help their new owners, I just start crying! It's so touching to know these first foster homes get them on their way to giving people a better life. There's a man with a g.shep. guide dog in our area. It's amazing to watch this dog helping him navigate through the city. Too cool.


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            Nice shiny coat, cute face.

            Tammy in Utah
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