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  • A couple more

    Lucky our sheltie with Peanut outside. And Zip the kitty.
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    They have a look like "You have a heck of a nerve making us go outside in the snow". Very nice pups.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      thought bubbles galore

      PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE let us back inside! Too cute.


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        How cute! All of your fur kids are adorable. (the cat has beautiful markings!!)


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          Very cute

          I see Zip is warm and cozy on the couch, thinking let those silly dogs go out in the cold snow that gives me the sofa all to myself. lol.


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            Zip looks a lot like my old Priscilla kitty--the first pet I ever TRULY owned, adopted at the Manhattan, KS animal shelter while I was attending K-State. She was 5 when I adopted her in 1990, and 17 when I had her euthanized in 2002


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              Actually Peanut & Lucky were saying "hey get out here and throw the ball some more, this is FUN!!!" Those two LOVE to play in the snow. Scoop on the other hand stands on the patio begging to go back in.

              We got Zip because our old cat (Kit Kit) no longer with us (boo hoo), packed her home, she was teenie tiny, maybe about a month old. I guess he thought she needed a home and seems how we took him in when he was abandoned he knew we would take her too. He was a smart old fella. He taught her to hunt too. He would pack home mice and let her "play" with them as he stood guard. He had to re-retrieve a few that got away from her. And of course he showed her how delicious they were too-GROSS!!!

              It was very sad when Kit Kit didn't come back. Zip would sit on the step and cry for him. It is amazing how they grieve just as we do. It has been a year and a half and we still miss him VERY much.