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    Here are my two girls!!! The bi black girl is Frannie. She has her Canadian Championship. Pebbles, the bi blue, is her pup.

    I love these girls! They are wonderful!
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    Wow, they're gorgeous!! I love Shelties too! I lost my Sheltie in April 2005, and I still miss him. He was 1 year old when I adopted him, and he had lost his previous home due to destructive behavior. I took him to obedience school and provided the exercise he needed for his energy level, and he turned out to be the best dog! He was very smart so all he needed was proper training. He was my pride and joy!


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      Thanks Sheri!

      Shelties are such a nice breed! My pup is pretty good. She is very playful, but calms and cuddles quickly. She's never been destructive thankfully. The worse they'll both do is pick a tissue out of the trash. Still don't understand why! Silly dogs!!

      I got the mom, Fran, in November. She's 7years old and is just a love.


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        Pebbles looks so neat! I've never seen one like that before. Gorgeous doggies!


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          Your girls are gorgeous! Shelties are one of my most favorite dogs to groom too... They all are very pleasant to work with...Tammy~


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            Your girls are beautiful!
            I had a blue male years ago. He was one of the neatest dogs. I don't ever remember him getting into trouble.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Both are beautiful. Love the blue merl.

              I had a sheltie growing up, I loved that dog very much. Got him at age 5 (kindergarten), and he died my senior year in high school. I loved that dog.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                I must say your dogs are beautiful. Very classy looking pictures. Looks like they should be on a Sheltie calendar for December and January lol.