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    My 14 year old blind diabetic minpoo ‘owns’ my lap, and the 7 year old gets the leftovers. His time will surely come.
    Both are considered apricots. We have noted if anything happens to damage the follicles there will be a period where beautiful deep red hair grows in that spot, slowly fading over time back to the cream. So like at a surgical site, or where the freestyle libre was glued to him. But recently he has been sporting this very deep red stripe down his back. Can’t account for it. Do apricots just grow random dorsal stripes?

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    Usually they are rubbing against something. A recliner, doggie door or even rubbing upside down on a rug
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      I didn't think so. Interesting.


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          I think it is from some sort friction like rubbing.


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            He HAS been using our yard as a sliding board lately, flipping side to side and sliding wriggling his way down the slippery brown grass slope. Surprised that that small amount of friction would cause the same response as an incision. It’s quite pretty though.