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    Squishy and Slinky the "weasel brothers"
    Then our newer addtions..Mulan and Mushu, Chinese Water Dragons. I've never had lizards before. We got our son a Leopard Gecko who we found one morning.."expired". So we went to the petstore to get another one (yeah...we were gonna do the ol switcharoo while he was at school lol)
    Well, we couldn't find one that looked like the old one, so we went with something totally different LOL They are pretty neat, and a heck of alot more active than a gecko. Only down fall is that they get about 4 or 5 feet long.
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    Hey Jessica I have had chinese water dragons over the years I love em, you really don't have to worry about them getting that big, They do not get like some iguanas can,they are a more petite type of lizard. Handel them and they make great pets, I had one that would walk on a leash and loved car rides she'd scramble right onto the dash board and sun herself as I drove around doing errands. All mine were good tho! Good luck with yours!


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      Weasels....I knew you were referring to ferrets. Ferrets rock!


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        My grandson would love your house. Every time we go to my daughters there is a new critter and her kids just love it. I was ok with them all until he put a snake on my arm. I am not a snake person they have a snake, box turtle, fish tanks, 2 dogs a cat and a bunny and who knows by the next time we go down to visit
        "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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          Those Gekos

          Those Gekos are too busy selling insurance and doubling as double in those commercials. I had a camelian and my ciousin Marc, gave mine to marc, as I could not stand to touch it. Lived in a shoe box. i don't thibk it lasted long. I wqs more into pop bead necklaces. Now I am really dating myself...remember those?