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    This is a pic of our oldest greyhound Oprah (she's 14). She had a hard life before she came to us, now she's a pampered princess. She just loves her t-shirts. She will pace in front of the washer and dryer until they are done
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    I fell in love with greyhounds YEARS ago when we were camping and the camp ground host had a one. She was such a sweet dog. I could have taken her home.

    Oprah deserves to be a princess. She looks very sweet.



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      Awwww, how sweet! I kinda fell into having a greyhound and now I will always have one. I was at a local fundraiser for a few dog rescue groups when one of the greyhounds that needed a home just kinda velcro'd himself to me and he hasnt left my side in almost 3 years now! I wasnt even looking for a new dog at the time and never a greyhound because a own a 6lb white toy poodle! But they are cool with each other and the only thing Bass ever chases is the lure when we go lure coursing.
      And he HATES wearing clothes! I bought him so many different tee shirts, coats and blankets, but he gets them all off. So no clothes for him!



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        I wrote to you a couple of days ago. We have (had) 4 greys. We got into adopting these amazing dogs about 9 yrs.ago. We've had a total of 6. We chose the seniors. I work in a vet clinic, so I realize a lot of folks don't want the older dogs. After we get them, they just seem to blossom. For most of them, it's the first time they were allowed to be theirselves. One we adopted we called "Granny". We got her when she was 11, we were only able to keep her for about 2 yrs before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. I remember her going out into our backyard and playing like a puppy with our our greys. She was wonderful.
        Just today we had to put Sissy down. She was 14, but had a problem potting in the house. We didn't let go of her easily. She had this problem for about a yr. We ripped out our carpet and put in tile. The last couple of months were the worse. She is (was) a Princess, a Queen. Very regal and proud. I tried the diaper (demeaning), the kennel (she stressed), and Ace, she would wake during the night. I heard her fall and bounded out of bed to find her in the hall on her side. I checked her, breathing. Layed with her and covered her with a blanket. I layed on the couch next to her, she was on her doggie pillow. I awoke a couple of hrs. later and she was next to me by the couch passed out again from the ace. that was a week ago. She peed and pooped nonstop (no diaherria), just old.
        My husband cried like a baby, that was his sweet lamby pie (SLP).
        Greys seem to be adictive. We take them to an off-leash park, and most if not all who have greys, have multiples.



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          Sorry I didn't see your post a few days ago. I had been sick with a stomach bug and must have missed it when I finally got back on to try and catch up.

          We currently have 4 greyhounds also We have fostered several others, but we had a problem letting our foster babies go so we stopped a couple of years ago. We are the 2nd and 3rd home for two of ours (Oprah had been used and abused as a brood bitch then she went to a home where she had been locked in a crate for over 20 hours a day)(Explorer got kicked out of two homes due to some "issues" we've pretty much corrected those but it's obvious he had "issues" due to abuse).

          I'm sorry to hear about Sissy. I am not looking forward to making that decission with Oprah (or any of the others for that matter). Unfortunately by reading your post I don't think we have much longer with her, she is doing the same thing that Sissy was

          PS I ordered my tid bit through pet edge.