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Bouvier critique.

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  • Bouvier critique.

    Here is Lola. This time owners wanted short the legs. Honestly, I liked the look last time better, her legs actually looked like columns with twice as much hair. Now you can see she is flat-footed
    Anyway, ignoring that, how does it look? I now see there is probably too much chest?
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    I will never understand why people get a breed because they love the way it looks in the picture, and then they never realize that there is a lot of care that goes into this.
    Enough of my gripe about owners – she looks lovely. You did a very nice job. I agree about the chest it's a little too poufy for balance as far as I'm concerned but if the owners love her then keep doing what you're doing.


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      Thank you, Honey! Last time she was in pretty good shape, this time she had some mats in armpits, but not too bad, so I could have left more hair on legs, I think it would have looked more balanced. But the reason they wanted the legs shorter is because "she is too hot" (I never understood how owners think leaving 1/4" less hair will make the dog cooler.) I will try to make her more balanced next time, maybe I can make her head/beard little shorter?