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    I did this guy in april. Very appropritaly named HARRY. As he was Deffintly in need of a grooming. He was just a brushout and basic neaten. The first pic I'm in the process of bathing him and had just finished hitting him with the HV while covered in condtioner. The second was the finished product. He was a very good boy considering all the time I spent on him.
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    That's great, lol! I love the hair blasted everywhere! He looks great, nice and shiny
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      GOOD GRACIOUS, look at all that hair! That is a nightmare. You did a wonderful job on him

      How long did it take you to clean up afterward, lol.


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        LOL!!! I just saw this. I've been off at a dog show all weekend, and I've had my fill of bathing newfies, let me tell you. I spent about 6 hours getting my 9 month old ready.. You'd think I'd get enough of bathing and grooming dogs during my work hours.

        I love it. The hair is amazing that these guys blow.


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          Hope your kids did great this weekend. The hair never stops comming. Particularly when they are overdue. I thought "Harry" was a perfect named for him.


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            We did ok. One reserve, one winners dog, but the best part is we had fun doing it.

            When you guys trim newfs do you normally do ears and such? Or just feet and tidy the sillohette? I know my show background makes me want to trim more then what I see most people do. I'm always curious. Of course, but the time you're done bathing and brushing out these guys you're usually exhausted anyway!


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              I like to trim and tidy ears, tails, and everything to look like a show dog. But the ears make the most difference IMO so I try to concentrate on making the ear look naturally short with thinning shears. Especially on goldens.


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                LOL I know what you mean. By the time I was done bathing and brushing him out all I really saw was black hair and more black hair. I was going to ask you what the standard trimming was on these guys for show. Most of the time I just trimmed the feet and feathering off the ground. I had kinda always thought that you wern't suposto trim anything else. Leaving the ears fluffy helped to hide the bald spots behind then somtimes to.
                So while I was not doing any trimming on this guy(owners). Would you critique sp? him. What would you do to make him a "proper" looking nufie??


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                  Absolutely! The main this is to do what the owners want, and I usually ask first. Epsecially when the come into the shop. If it's someone who as been referred by show friends or other newfie people I know, then I usually trim them the same way I would as if they were my dog.

                  Of course, this is how I do it, and I'm sure there are others that have their own and different methods...

                  First and most important is a clean and completely brushed out dog. (of course) You want to be able to run your comb through the entire dog, including those darn rear feathers. Then the basics, trim the pads, round the feet. For newfs (and most of these type of breeds) you want a nice tight "cat foot." If you don't know what that means, think about what a cats paw looks like when they have their weight on it. Brush the hair up and use thinners to trim all that fluff, so that it looks natural. Nails should be kept short, it helps to keep the foot tight.

                  For the ears, I usually start by trimming the outline of the ear. Then I take my comb and brush up the hair on the ear leather. I use thinners and trim that hair down so that all that remains is about 1/2 of hair length. The key is that you still want it to look natural. That stuff that hangs down past the ear leather should all be cut off.

                  The feathers, both front and back, should be trimmed to a managable length. If it's not a show dog, I usually trim feathers to 5 inches or so. I'll also scissor down part of that "butt floof" to make it easier for the owners to keep brushed out. On your front legs, take your comb and comb the feathers back. Then trim, or scissor, down at an angle to trim the feathers. When you look from the front of the dog, it shouldn't look like it's leg, then feathers sticking out in both directions. Does that make sense?

                  The floof on the top of the head is personal preference. I LOVE the floof, but some people, especially show people, will trim it. I trimmed my puppy when he had is first "adult" haircut because he had the don king look going. As he matures, I hope his floof will grow back into what he had as a puppy. More of the "rain gutter" look. Time will tell.

                  From there it's all perference. The european look is much more sculpted. They are being scissored down and sculpting the neck line, chest and legs. The breed standard says little to no grooming required.

                  For most pet dogs, the feet, the ears and the underline will make a HUGE difference.

                  Does that help?


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                    Going back and looking at the picture again. For this guy, I'd definately scissor down his chest and those rear feathers as well as the underline. Along with the basic feet & ears. That's just outta hand!


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                      Thanks. LOL like you said earlier by the time you "just" get them brushed out your bushed but he would deffintly looked better with a little triming. Thanks again. I wanted to get an idea of what was being done in a show sence vs a pet sence. Make sence :-). Breed standard SAYS little to no grooming but in reality I knew some trimming was being done.

                      But really did the people who wrote "little to none" grooming EVER have to bath and brush out one these guys??? I mean really would any of us call them "easy dogs". LOL sorry my sarcastic side is coming out. For some reason it just struck me as really funny.