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2 of my most improved grooms - Shih & Yorkie

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  • 2 of my most improved grooms - Shih & Yorkie

    Here is Bear the Shih & Sasha the Yorkie. This was Bear's 3rd groom with me (I posted pics of him awhile back after his 1st groom with me - I'm still amazed I got him groomed that day). The first 2 grooms he completely lived up to his name, but this last time he was so much better. And I was SO relieved! His owner has decided to keep him in a puppy cut type clip - he looks pretty happy with it. The other is Sasha the Yorkie. She is one of the pups from a recent litter in our town. She has been a handful from day one. Wild is an understatement. But golly, she's so darn cute! She has been making improvements with each groom and her mama is so proud of her. She is hoping to have her in a full coat one day. Right now we're working on just getting the basics done. I am so proud of how much each of them have improved with their grooming - makes a groomer feel so good!
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    Love those faces, both of 'em!!

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      Bear really looks proud of himself. Sasha looks like she would just love to get out of there and get back home. lol Nice grooming on the both of them.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        You're right! Sasha totally looks like she's gonna jet huh! Silly dog, she's a handful - it was nothing short of a miracle to get her to hold still for a picture. And little Bear, I think he actually likes me now. He's a CUTIE! Thanks for the compliments.