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Wirehaired Doxie's First Groom

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  • Wirehaired Doxie's First Groom

    I think the owner said this dog was 4 years old? Either way he was full grown and never groomed before! He did surprisingly well, and I was happy with the end result.

    I used a 0 comb Rev on the body, 1 comb rev on the fronts of the legs, 2 comb rev on the head, 15 on the ears. The eyebrows had been trimmed by mom/dad so they were kind of short, but otherwise I think he came out pretty decent.



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    Wow, he came out real nice, good job!


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      Very cute!!! Great job!!


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        Maggy, He came out great!

        Excellent job. His fur looks like it grew that way naturally and was never longer or trimmed. Very natural look. I doubt I could have done it that well. With the combs, I can never see the numbers on the plastic ones. Need a magnifying glass, and wahl just broke a bunch of teeth on a new Andis #30. If it isn'rt snapped down tight, it will break em (teeth) right off. Too bad about Wahl, cuz I like the combs otherwise. I doesn't seem to break teeth w/ ol plastic combs. I think the tooth fairy steels the teeth from my #40 blades when I'm not looking. Opened a new #40 today....lets seee how long that lasts.


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          VERY nice Maggy! LOVE it!!


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            Thanks guys!

            I had just 3 dogs today, 1st finished by 10, 2nd was this one, 3rd was a shih tzu getting the eyes clipped while out for Sx. Well, I was unsure of when they would get the shih out so I took my time playing with the combs. I think doing it in reverse helped a lot, it never would have come out that evenly using a 4 or #2 comb w/g! I also furminated lightly to maintain the color/texture for next time. I hope they like it enough to bring him back, obviously he's gone THIS long without being groomed, they could easily wait another 4 years. lol


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              Wow, looks very good.......


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                He looks great, so natural looking.

                He looks like he would much rather be anywhere else than on your grooming table! lol
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                  Pixie, thats true! He was very good but would NOT wag his tail or even lift his head for me. He was like a pouting child the whole time. lol But he did good for his first time!

                  I sent my dad a bunch of pics and these happened to be in the folder so I asked what he thought of my groom. (Pause) "Um the before and after pics look just the same?" So I gasped and told him that is NOT something you tell a groomer about before and after pics! Then he looked again and the before pics were above some other ones, he was looking at all after pics. lol