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  • Cairn Terrier Clip

    I had this Cairn in a couple days ago. The owners were looking for a proper cairn cut.

    I used a 5/8" whal metal comb, with alot of use of my thinning shears also. I finished by carding the coat with a mars coat king.
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    Now he is ready to

    Go off to see the Wizard with Dorothy. Cute


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      Pretty nice, the only issue is the head, which of course will be flat if it's not stripped or encouraged in that direction. If they want a good Cairn head on the dog I'd suggest plucking hair on the head/face a few minutes each time it's in to be groomed to get stiffer hair to grow in and hold the fine hair up.


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        Very nice!

        Looks like they probably would have said, "Wow! He's never looked so good!"

        Look up the blog done by Particentral for her cute way of spraying heads up (or just use some Crown Royale) and you can get "the look" without handstripping.


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          nice work! Love those little short legged terriers =)


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            I think you did a wonderful job!!! Before I became a groomer I only took one of my Cairns to a groomer twice. I would have been so happy if she had come back looking like that! It really looks natural.
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              You did very nice work! And that's a very cute dog!
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                He looks very cute. I bet the owners were thrilled.


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                  Very nice! He looks so natural, the owners must have been happy.