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My first Continental... Critique?

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  • My first Continental... Critique?

    This is Basil. He is a 3 year old Standard Poodle (blue). He finished his AKC championship at 10 months old, and has just been a dog since. I have decided to pull him out of retirement for his UKC championship. I did his continental today... going by photos online only. It is almost right, but I think his rosettes are too far back from his pack. It is an HCC, not the traditional continental. Any advice would be greatly appreciate, he will be shown in April.

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    Looks good to me... I have only seen them in dog shows, though.
    C'mon folks, give the groomer some feedback!


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      Compliments to you. For just going by pics, it's not too bad for a first try! The only comments I would have are, yes, the poms are too big and look like they're falling off the side. I would raise the sides by a finger width or two. (I can't see from this photo how wide the band is between the poms). The other change I see would be to raise the jacket on the front legs just to the elbow. He has no front leg and looks like he's running downhill.


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        IMO you need to move the mane coat forward, it's too far bck. The rosettes are way too big and the placement needs to be moved up and forward a bit. I think your band in between the rosettes may be a bit wide.

        BTW he's a very pretty dog.


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          Thanks guys He is rather beautiful, but kind of a putz A boy he is LOL. I will take your suggestions, I am going to groom him tomorrow hopefully.