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Airedale, head study

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  • Airedale, head study

    Same Airehead...I mean Airedale. Close ups of his head. Still couldn't get his ears up. He does have two, honest.
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    His head is just wonderful.

    The Airedale that I groom (try) won't let me do that much on her head. I guess it is good that her owner likes her to be bushy, unkept looking. I would show her these pics but then she may change her mind and want her dog to look as good as the one you do! lol
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      bump forward

      His ears are a little scruffy around the edges. We were having a cold snap, and I left them a little longer because he spends a lot of time outside. Don't want to risk frostbite, lol.


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        Helly, I will forever have an imprint of an airedale head in my mind from your posts. I now understand how it should look. Let's see if I can do it...when Ike comes back in 5 months.

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          Do his brows go right into his "facial hair"? I know you clean out the stop, but it looks like his muzzle starts right up under his eyes. Do you clean out under his eyes at all?
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            Nevermind, I just read your post in the other thread. Thanks.
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              thanks for reminding me! lol i have "World's Biggest Airedale" tomorrow

              p.s. looks great


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                Good pic. Helly, nice head. That is how I like to do airheads too. lol
                Spikey I know what you mean about imprinting an image in your head. I watched the Bichon video over and over so I could burn the image of a good bichon groom in my head. I think it was an Oster video but I don't remember. The kennel I worked for had a binder with versions of breed clips on each page like 2 open pages would have shih-tzu pics in all kinds of different clips from shaved to show style. I am working on making something like that. It was good to show clients then they could just point to pic. But it was also good for rarer breeds to get a true image of what a finished groom should look like for that breed.


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                  Bump for Woofique.
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