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Sandy the no leg shih-tzu

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  • Sandy the no leg shih-tzu

    This dog has the shortest legs ever. She was a good girl. Feel free to offer advice. I am having a bad week. Think I am going to get rid of the Ivac. Every time I use it withing minutes it is clogged at the shop vac end which is in the back of my trailer. It is akward and I don't like it.
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    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!

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    I think she looks even cuter with the stubby legs! Looks like you did a good job to me!


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      What a sweetheart! She looks pretty


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        Awww, she is a cutie for sure. But I know what you mean about the short stubby legs. I always wish I could just s-t-r-e-t-c-h them out a bit more. Jus' my opinion but I thought her feet could be tidyed up a bit more. More tight to the foot and round. Her face looks so cute and teddy-ish. Maybe her ears are uneven, not sure, it's hard to tell if perhaps it's just the way she's holding her head. She looks nice though. Don't ya hate weeks like this?? I don't have an ivac (thought I wished I did, but now maybe not) - Good luck with it. Maybe someone who has one can offer some tips/advice for ya so it quits clogging on ya. What a pain!


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          I would buy the Ivac from you if I could.

          I would buy the Ivac from you if there was a way that I could. Seriously. I would hate to see you loose money on it cxuz they are expensive and you have barely used it. If you know a way I could get it from you PM me. Do you have a store front shop and credit cards?Or send it back to B Bird and I could get it from her in Tucson? I have no problem using c card with B Birdand maybe she could give you a refund kinda that way?How long have you had it and used it? Mine is attached to my big CV remote switch. I just have to go in back to empty the fur. I hate to add more onto my c card but want a second one badly as a back up. Any lil discount as a slightly used item would be appreciated. PM me please. Let's talk about it. You don't have tro loose money on this big ticket item.If you send it tro me direct and not to B Bird(if you got it from her to begin with) you would need lots of buble wrap ansd insure it. Let's talk ok?


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            I did not get it from big bird lol. I have no way of taking a credit card either. I would love to keep using it, but it is too akward and the clogging is just a pain in the butt. I have used it on about 6-7 dogs and never for the full dog.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              I hate short stubby legs too, and yes I'd love to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h them too.

              Nice groom on her. I also think her feet are a little untidy and her ears do look a little uneven. Maybe make her ears and chin hair a little more roundish (is that a word??).

              I don't have a cv or ivac so I can't help you with the problem with that. Maybe just more practice, I don't know what to tell ya.
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                If you want to sell it, I will try to contact .....

                Barbara Bird from Tucson is a distributor I got mine from. Maybe she can work it out for us or your supplier. I would like to help you get your money back and me another Ivac.It would be a shame to put it on the shelf. Or, you could always donate it to poor lil me, haha. I have two clipper vacs. I now use the big one on the other side of the grooming wall. I have to open the back doors of the Ford van to remove fur, but it holds several dogs' fur. The switch is remote on the wall in the grooming area near the double doors and with in reach of the table. No joke, I wish I could buy it from you. It is, after all techincally new. I guess the warranty would transfer over. I will try to contact Barb in few days. I must get records for taxes done first.Do you want to sell it? I even used my noisy wet/dry one day when i thought my cv was on the fritz...just a tripped gfi plug.I can't groom without my CV. No Ivac? I would use the old Oster w/ it's cv head if necessary. LOVE it! I don't think it awkward or heavy. I have small hands and short fingers.Do you not use any CV system? Remember.. good for your lungs and great unique baldes.


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                  ? for u

                  How do u do their legs? Whenever I do their legs it always looks so choppy!!! Any help would be appreciated!!!


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                    This is what I do for legs

                    Originally posted by keachy18 View Post
                    How do u do their legs? Whenever I do their legs it always looks so choppy!!! Any help would be appreciated!!!
                    What size blade are you using? Using a shorter blade will get a better clip on the legs. But if you're using a long blade (like a 4) on the body, I use a snap/on on the legs and scissor them to neaten after - you can use a 4 for the legs too you just might need to tidy up with scissors after clipping. I clip with the grain too. And use a 10 on the armpits (& tuckups), so I don't nick. I use scissors on the feet to shape them, nice and tight to their pad and nails. Hope this helps - Good luck!