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    I have groomed for this man before, his dogs have passed But he got a new puppy 6 mons ago. I have been avoiding him not calling him back ECT.... He is just plain yucky for a better word. He called me 3 years ago and asked me out I told him I was already remarried, the next timed I groomed for him he made some very suggested remarks but stopped when he saw my husband walk in, So after that I would only make appt for him when my husband, son or Dr could be there. But he caught me in the shop cleaning to make an appt for this new puppy that was a mess 3 mons ago when we spay her. So I agreed cuz hubby was going to be there. He tried to cut the mattes out she looked like she had a go around with a weed eater. "And oh I nipped her a little she doesn't liked to be touched there" he tells me. I was so shocked to see the nip was a 3 in laceration crossed her front shoulder to he chest. I had to do her in a 10 I know a big no no but I couldn't get even a 7 under the mess and I just left the sore in tack and told him to HAVE it looked at asap. Charged him dearly and told him it would be less if he had her done more often. The bad thing is the closest groomer is a good friend and is out in the country and I don't want him out there with her alone. Any suggestions please!!!!!

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    Creepy client

    You sound very compassionate so I doubt you will want to refuse this guy. I'd think the only way you should make an appt. is to have your hubby there.( Hopefully this arrangement will work for your hubby's schedule) If you can do this every time this dog comes in maybe the man will get the idea.

    It is a shame you have to start off your new business with a challenge like this.



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      The really bad part was this puppy was a doll, For her first grooming, was just soaking up all the sweet talk and snuggling. I'll find out Mon if he took her in to have that "little cut" was checked.


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        I agree with what sittingpretty said. I also think that you may need to find it in you to stand up to this guy if he crosses the line with you. Good for you for charging him properly.