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    "Prince Snow" is one of my regulars. I'd love a critique (or 2 or 3...). I think I'm doing ok with rounding the head by I feel my weakness is at the tip (?) of the snout by the nose and around the lips. I get a lot of snappy dogs and I am terrified of him biting my shears. Any suggestions? On the last bichon I did I put the hair between my fingers so the palm of my hand was facing the mouth and that worked out much better and I felt safer (for the dog at least) but any other tips would be gladly welcomed.

    On a side note, the orange feet are from blow pens from 3 months ago. I use them on my crested all the time and they last about a week. I have a customer who gets her dog done about once a month and its always gone when it comes back in. I didnt think he would be any different, but thats where assuming gets you. I will probably never live that one down.
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    I think you've got a good start, if I were you I would take his chin about half as long as it is now. Comb the hair around his mouth and cheeks foward, and with your thinners take off anything that goes beyond his nose.


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      I agree

      I agree that the chin is too long, and you can see "moustache" wisps going back into his mouth.

      Also, he is not blowdried straight. Maybe you don't have a good dryer. Straightening the coat fully will help the finished look and help those ears and cheeks blend together even more.


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        I use a clippervac underneath the chin. That helps set my line to get it even underneath. Then use a curved shear, put your on top of his nose and your hand underneath to hold his snout and keep him from licking.
        Otherwise it's a nice job. Really good curve on top.