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a poodle and a soapy schnauzer

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  • a poodle and a soapy schnauzer

    The poodle is my boss' mom's former show poodle, Gentle Rain (Rain for short). She's the one I competed with as a first-timer at Intergroom last year. She's also the mother of the litter of puppies I mentioned some time back. We still have 3 males left. I think they're about 4 months now. I'd loooove to have one, but now's certainly not the time for a high maintenance groom dog for me.

    I think this is one of my more correct grooms with her, just done a month or so ago. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to angulation and proper shape. I just kind of pick and hope I don't take too much off. My only goal in Intergroom was to finish in the 2.5 hours given. I was tricked into entering in the first place and that person bailed out on me. I have NO idea how to get the butt point that is needed. I try and it always ends up getting clipped away to nothing. I really wanted feedback after the comp, but the judges all disappeared.
    Anyhoo, feedback is also welcome here.

    The other pic is just some fun I have with the multitude of schnauzers we get for grooming. soap up the face and twist away. They were originally just 4 points, but he kept moving and unravalling them.
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    Looks nice


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      Rain , the momma dog & Schnauzer

      The momma dog sure got her figure back after her pups. I would like to seethe sachnauzer all finished, and he probably wanted to show off on this board too! Gee, he was all soapy and di'dnt have his clothes on....Next time, he deserves an after pic, especially if he was good.That's what I say when they are in the tub....they don't have their clothes on.Poodle looks GREAT


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        Hey, at least you can do the top knot. I can't do a poodle top know to save my life. Of course, I have never been shown how either.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Think the scissoring looks great. Don't see one hair out of place. Looks like velvet.


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            Originally posted by wet noze View Post
            Think the scissoring looks great. Don't see one hair out of place. Looks like velvet.
            Thanks. The problem is, I spend all day nit-picking to make sure there's not one hair out of place...not a money making attitude. I'll never be one of those 20 dog per day power groomers.


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              Gorgeous, dahling! I wish I could get some std. poodles over here to do a cut like that on.