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a bichon and a bouvier

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  • a bichon and a bouvier

    I'm emptying my phone of the recent random grooming pics I've taken. Comments are welcome. The owner of the bichon likes the fuller look and I had never done the dog before, my boss always had. I tried doing what I'd vaguely seen her doing, but I have no clue how to make a true bichon head. The back half and the legs were booted then scissored and I fussed and fussed with scissoring the neck. She took me quite a while to do.

    The Bouvier is CJ, a regular. He's just been fluffed out I think. I don't think I'd trimmed anything yet. That's his favorite position unfortunately and he's a big boy to keep holding up. Very good and quite sweet nonetheless.
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    I don't have many clients that want the "true" Bishon head, most of them like them shortened up to where it is a glorified round For the true look, don't lift the ears and trim under them and don't cut over the ears. That makes to much of a distinction and they are supposed to blend together more. I know there are more people on this board that are alot more expert on Bishon's than I am who will proabably give you better advice.

    BTW, she looks pretty to me and the Bouv looks like a big goofus...I love those guys and wish I had some as clients now.
    SheilaB from SC