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My first Lion clip

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  • My first Lion clip

    Ok, I know I've been posting a few pictures lately, but I've made a vow to myself to take more. SOOOOOOOO, here is my first attempt at a lion clip.

    Sugar is a sweet little pom that seemed to have the perfect coat for this clip. Please let me know if there is anything that needs fixin' so the next time I can do it better.
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    Looks great to me! That is how I wish people would let me do lion clips, however everyone wants the mane stopped at around the collar. Your's is prettier!


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      I think she's lovely. This is the way I prefer to do a lion clip, too. The only thing I do differently is to clip part way down the tail, and leave a poof on the end, like a lion's tail. But that's just personal preference.


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        I think she looks fabulous!!!! Great job. I'd say same as Helly, clip the tail, but I know I have a lot of customers who like the tail left long, no problemo, it still looks cute. Great groom, and very cute pup.
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          Looks nice with the mane farther down the back, instead of the further up to the neck.


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            Nice job! He looks great!


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              VERY nice job, I like the fuller mane too, but most people want the "clown collar" as I call it. I clipped my aunts dog like that too, except I clipped the tail down with the poof at the end. I was gonna post a picture and then I hit the "format" button on my new camera and BAM EVERYTHING WAS GONE!! I almost had a heart attack. Maybe next time. What a cute little pup.



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                I love doing lion clips on Poms, they look so great in them. You did a beautiful job on this little guy. My lion clips are usually higher around the neck (usually because the dog is a matted mess). The next time I get a Lion Clip that is in good shape, I will do it this way....I really like it. I am posting a pict of a cute little fella that I lion cut not to long ago. I already posted this so you may have already seen it. I talked the owner out of completely shaving him....thank goodness!
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                SheilaB from SC


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                  Originally posted by FauxPaw
                  Very cute. Which blade did you use on her rear?
                  I used a #7 (WTG).

                  Thanks so much for the great feed back y'all. Sugar is a regular client, my boss has been doing for quite some time. She is usually shaved down, but I just couldn't bring my self to do it without trying the "style". I knew that I could try it and then shave it off if needed, but when I got her done, I called the client and she said she'd love to see it. Her sister came to pick her up, so I didn't get to see the client's reaction, but she did call me the next day and told me that she LOVED it and wanted to keep her done this way YAY!!!!
                  Shelia, seeing your clip inspired me to do this one! Your dog really looked like a toy lion.

                  Helly, I thought about leaving the pom on the end of the tail, but this is one thing the client usually asks us to leave, so I figured I better not.

                  Thanks again, Y'all are great.