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  • One of my favorite dogs... Lobin! He's a bichon-poodle-shih tzu mix, and absolutely adorable. I don't really know why he's one of my favorites, considering he can be a pirahna, and very temperamental (as in, sometimes I can't do a sanitary, sometimes I can't shave his pads, etc because he freaks out and gets very bite-y...i'm hoping the GH will help), but he is! His mom is my age (in her 20's) and she brings all 4 of her dogs, which are all related, to me. I also groom his brother Pandy, who looks pure Shih Tzu, and his mother Milky (who -is- a Shih Tzu), and his father Hershey who is a bichon/poodle.

    The most exciting thing is that his mom said next time I can do a Dandie Dinmont style head on him, which I'm looking forward to!
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    He's really cute and you did a lovely job.

    Sometimes it's hard not to have a special place for the naughty ones.


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      I love his groom. He looks like a happy little dog.


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        You DID do a really nice job on him!
        Some of my favorites over the years...have also been very naughty dogs that we "came to an understanding" with each other, I understand the attachment! It does help when they are very cute though.
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          I agree sometimes the stinkers have a way of creeping into your heart. He's cute as a bug and great groom.


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            What a cute little duffer.
            Nice groom job too!