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  • Another terrier

    Guess it's a good thing I like the challenge

    This is Zoe (a cairen) and she's WIDE open!
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    great job,she looks really cute,i own a cairn that looks like zoe,and hes such a pain in the a** for his grooming


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      I luv her head how did u do it
      Never gonna know if you never even try


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        Thanks all.

        I used thinning shears on her head.


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          Zoe is a Cutie!

          Are most cairn's a little overly active or is just in my area? The ones that come in to my shop are wild. Gotta love 'em cuz they're so darn cute and they almost lick me to death. But geez trying to get them to be still for 2 seconds is a huge challenge. Most of the cairns I do get shaved completely with just a bit of a beard and a visor. So in combination with their energy level and that clip I usually dread when it's their day for grooming. You did a great groom on Zoe. I LOVE her face - she is too cute!!!


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            Thanks and I dont' think it's just your area

            Zoe is totally WILD!!!!!!! So are the two Westie's that I do. The two breeds are so similar in personality from what I see and both are a challenge.


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              you really captured her face, great expression! Body looks very polished, nice job


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                You mean that sweet little face hides the heart of a baboon? Who'd a thunk it?

                Very nice job.


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                  What a beauty! You did a fantastic job. Just LOVE her face, so sweet. lol
                  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."