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So far it's Bichon week, woo-hoo!

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  • So far it's Bichon week, woo-hoo!

    I've had a Bichon three days in a row now, and I'm starting to see that my scissoring isn't really as bad as I thought!

    The first Bichon (first two pictures) is Chipper. I messed up on him a little when I left one leg a little more full and accidentally flattened one side of his head. Tim said it looked like he fell asleep on one side and smooshed it; he was right. After some touch-ups, I think I kept that cute expression I was going for, a nice pet trim.

    Second Bichon (last two pics) came in today. His name was Andre, and he turned into an interesting case. He was a complete noodge for everything; took forever to do, so I almost ran out of time! Tim turned it into a team groom with me, himself, and another classmate; I only got to work on the head. However, I feel like I redeemed myself from yesterday, especially since I got his little ears to blend in better.

    Just wanted to share... I LOVE working on Bichons!!
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    Still very nice you are allowed to make mistakes (SHH we all still do even after YEARS in this).
    Ugh the staining on the first dog... I know you can't help that, just UGH!!!
    No chance you want to come see Vegas when you graduate is there. I'm not even looking for a groomer, but I would take you on in a heartbeat
    If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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      Good, you can come do all You are coming along really well. As for the staining on the face, I take the very tips of my scissors and snip each little stained hair off. I hate it and never leave it.


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        You're doing a wonderful job! Nice scissor work! Andre is just the cutest!