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First groom under my new business name!

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  • First groom under my new business name!

    I had my first two appointments yesterday, one was a brush bath chi/ACD mix, who was extremely shy and nervous, so I took my time with her and she showed improvement by the end of the groom. Never did finish drying her head though.

    The other groom was a 6-7 month old shih tzu. She was very well behaved, just a little wiggly and ticklish around her ears. Unfortunately the only time that worked for her owner's was the evening... and due to cramped conditions grooming in the bathroom it took me a lot longer than usual. But, they were extremely happy with the groom, and said it was the best she has ever looked. I'm going back on Thursday to do nails and some prep work on their two younger shih tzu puppies.

    I know I still have a lot to improve on, so I would really like some critiques of my work. I have a feeling her toes were shaved last time she was groomed, I wasn't able to get them as fluffy as normal. I took her down with a #1 clip-on.

    I'll be getting all of Jodi Murphy's DVDs in January, and hope to start JKL's online program sometime after that if I feel I still need it.
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    Way cute. I think you did a good job. I would have trimmed up the ears a little but it looks great.


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      Good job. Under the nose those hairs need clipped. Other then that I think you did a super job and seriously that's easy to miss as we all have.


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        I agree with the other posts, you did a great job! She is real cute!

        As for the hair near her nose and the ear length, I would've wanted to trim each of those areas, too. But, be aware, that some owners do not want the hair under the nose trimmed. Also, on puppies once you trim the black tips off of the ears it never comes back. So always ask if they want the ears tipped or the nose trimmed. I also usually trim the tail (shape it up mostly), but I've had some owners not happy about that either.

        good luck,


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          Very smooth

          I wouldn't change a thing. Cutie dog too. Blended very well.


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            Very good job She looks like she had limp hair that straighter ****** to scissor stuff. You did a great job especially for her being a puppy. And YES always ask before cutting ANYTHING off ears even yorkies, and westie. I do a Cairn the owners like her to have LOOONG hair on her ears they say she looks like a little bug
            If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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              How precious is that?!

              She looks a little like a little girl I groom named Rylie. Those eyes...

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                Thanks for the responses! She is a little cutie, and the worst she did was wanting to keep sitting down while I was working on her legs, not bad for a puppy!

                I noticed those hairs under her nose the night I came home and uploaded the pics, ARGH, lol. I didn't trim the ears or tail because the owner didn't ask me to, and she was pretty specific with what she wanted.