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    I have told a few people about New clients I just booked seem impressed that I communicate with other groomers about everything involving grooming. I mention all the great information about products, and caring for the dogs. I think they feel like I must really know a lot and care a lot to always be talking about grooming with fellow groomers. I do care, and love this forum and the friends here.Saturday, I even had a lady look up Spikey to see his trim and a Yorkie catagory. I think it is great, when they can see before and afters! Keep those pictures commin!I have old ones I am trying to poost, but do not have a digital cam yet and don't have a clue how to use it or post pics. In time....I can't believe I have done this much. I even changed my profile and avatars myself. I have trouble with attachments under check out my friends etc.Once I get them into the computer and filed, it is still a long time before they show, if they show. Avatars,are not too hard. I think I get it by accident. hahaha. I just keep trying stuff until it works. I did't realize I was so tenacious.