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  • newfie with pudding poop

    Hi all I saw that some one named 4newfies was a member or is a member so if your out there please read! or even some one who knows alot abboout this breed. I have a one year old newfie and since i've had him he has always had dirriah (sorry cant speel) he's been to the vet and they say he has a food allergy to some thing but they don't know what too. I've tryed several different types of food even raw meet and nothing seems to work except the suplmet that I got at a dog show who told me to try it with the raw meet and veggies, yeah that worked, yet it can get very expencive so i then and now have him on solid gold wolf king bosie and salmon but his stool is still very soft but not nearley as soft as it was on lamb and rice dog food. Can I ask what type of dog food is the best for our newfies do you think? please help me thak you for your time goofieewfie

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    GoofieNewfie -

    Send me an email off list and I can give you all sorts of info. Newfs are very prone to food allergies and there are some common ones we can talk about.

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    Coral (and the 4 Newfs)