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    Here are the before and after pictures of the Havanese puppy I groomed. The owner wanted her coat to be about an inch long. I used a 1/2 comb on her. When she picked her up we both decided that leaving the coat a little longer next time would be better for the winter. What comb should I use?

    Also, she looks a bit choppy. Her coat was like a Bichon. I figured that between the texture of the coat and her color she was gonna look a bit choppy. I went over her several times, but it never helped. Any suggestions?

    I appreciate any help I can get. I've been out of the grooming scene for awhile since I had my daughter. Business is picking up slowly but surely. I know I'll get better again once I groom more!
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    What a cute dog that is, and I think you did a nice job . As far as getting it less choppy, I would recommend trying to use a comb in reverse (against the grain). I don't think she looks that choppy though. Maybe a b comb???? I also wouldn't worry about it being to short for the winter. The same dog with one inch of coat isn't going to be any colder than the same dog with 2 inches of coat.
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      I don't see any "choppiness," I do see a little shelf or two on the feet (Sorry guys, it's MY weakness too, and that is why I always notice it). I love the face, the body looks soft and did good.

      I do a havanese that looks just like that little guy (or gilr?) But mine came in matted to the hilt! They brought him to me after he got a bad ear infection from the shop down the road. I told them that sometimes if they have a hard time with the bath, (you know, head throwing, etc), it could happen. Sure enough, the dog was a freak show in the bath, and I told them I didn't think I'd gotten any water in the ear, but that he did have a hard time in the tub, and that if the ear looked icky in a day or two (or three), to continue treating it like they did before.

      They're very pretty dogs.

      Tammy in Utah
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        Not choppy to me

        I don't think she looks choppy either. From what I can see, I think she looks great! I love this coat type and it's my favorite to groom. I have never gotten the hang of going in reverse against the grain...I do use thinners alot though to help break up something that maybe looks choppy. Or if the coat just needs to thin some and not have much length taken off, I use thinners. I had been away from grooming a long time too Sheltiluvr (doing the family thing as well). And it really has been hard trying to catch back up - so much has changed...Wow...I understand!
        I think you're doing GREAT!!


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          I think she looks great. When she comes back in you might use a 0 snap on, it will just take a little off the top. Mom may decide she likes the shorter length, but if not try the 0. I don't see any choppiness. You did a great job.

          Here is one that I do, she is left short all year. She gets a 5/8 in the winter and a #3 in the summer. Mom likes her ears left long and her head short like her body. She is like velvet when I am done. She is a little love bug too, except she doesn't like her nails cut. I know her bow is sticking out, lol I fixed it before she left. She is hard to get a picture of because she knows when I put the bows in she is ALMOST done.

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            I think you left her a perfect length. Otherwise two weeks from now she would look like she needed a haircut again.


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              Originally posted by Dawn125 View Post
              I think you left her a perfect length. Otherwise two weeks from now she would look like she needed a haircut again.
              I agree. I also agree that she looks darling. The only thing I see that needs to be worked on is the feet, they are a little scraggly, or have a "shelf" as Spikey likes to say
              If she holds still enough I would go over her w/ scissors. Going ATG would get rid of any tracks (not that I see any), but be careful and use a higher comb or you may take her quite a bit shorter. BTW, did you use a vac system or just plain ole clippers?
              SheilaB from SC


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                She really looks cute.

                I just did a Havanese the other day, a little boy named Moki. I've done him with a 5/8 blade the couple of other times. This time she wanted him even a little shorter. So I used a #3 on him. He turned out really cute, but I may have to do him a with a #4 next time. Client didn't really think he was short enough. I'd rather leave them a little longer than toooo short.

                I'd love to send pics but I just haven't figured it out yet. One day I may.
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                  Thanks guys!

                  I didn't use a clipper vac. Wish I had one! I've never clipped against the grain...I'm afraid of messing up a dog!! Thank you for your suggestions!