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  • Kitties!!!

    Here are a couple of kitties I groom. One is Tasi, with long hair, (Short for Anastasia), and I LOOVE to groom that sweetheart. The other one is...oops forgot the name it was the first time I'd groomed her.

    Anyway, just thought I'd show you a couple of kitties I groom. Seleste, eat your heart out.

    Tammy in Utah
    PS: Despite the look on her face, Tasi is quite the sweet cat, just love her.
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    you are a brave woman lol


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      I love the color torti's turn when they're shaved. In fact, I shaved Abby, my parent's cat this summer.

      My Favorite Abby pic:

      Shaved down:

      She hangs out in the carrier because thats where she gets fed, and obviously she spends a lot of time worrying over when her next meal will be!


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        Tammy it is a good thing Tasi is sweet because if looks could kill... well lets just say you might be dead. LOL!! The other kitty looks like he/she has some unique markings on the face.

        Bless all of you that groom cats. Just not for me. My own cat Zip NEEDS a bath, I just keep putting it off, and she actually does fine with a bath, I just hate doing it. Maybe this weekend.



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          Tammy, you are soooo funny! I laughed so loud when I read your post I scared my cat that was sitting next to me. LOL! Those kitties are gorgeous. And they look so relaxed. Fabulous markings on both of them. I love tabbies and I love torties. Who am I kidding? I love them ALL!! Fantastic grooms!!!

          Those pictures of Abby are adorable, Maggy! I love her red teddy bear. She's proof that a cat believes in the power of persuasion. Maybe if your parents see her waiting in there they'll forget the clock and think it's feeding time. We all know how opportunistic cats are! And that stare is hypnotizing. LOL!



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            I bathed and brushed/clipped the mats out of a medium/long hair black and white today. Sweet as can be! Not a fuss for anything. CRIED all day like I was killing her! One of the shop cats kept trying to see what was going on like he was concerned, it was funny. The cats that we do are all sweet. I guess my boss booted all the crazy cat clients away.