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  • Schn. please critique

    Here is Winnie, she is a small little gal, she is now 2 years old. How did I do, or what could be better/different?

    Her beard is still growing, I doubt they will grow her beard too long anyway & they like shorter eye brows.

    #1 is before #2 after

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    She looks very nice! Perhars a little more angle on the skirt, but she looks great!


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      She does look nice! I agree though, more angle on the skirt would make her a bit closer to breed profile.


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        Another beautiful groom Scoop! With the light coming in the window there, you can really see your lines and they look smooth and tidy! I think she looks awesome!!


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          I think you did a great job. Are her feet funky? It must be so hard to make them look straight, you did a really good job at it:-)


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            Very nice job. I was taught to blend in all lines, like on your thigh, I would have scooped off with whatever blade you used to help make it look like a continuous flow....then again, I've also been taught to use a #7 reverse or #9 Moser reverse on all schnauzers, so I just blend with the Mosers which is really easy. Wow, if I get a schnauzer when I'm on my own, I hope I rebember to ASK the client what length they want. I haven't done anything longer than a 7 reverse in a long time, save one fuzzy one who will always have puppy hair. Her owners likes a long look so I do a #4 on her.


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              i would angle lower on the leg and run a stripping knife or a pair of thinners to smooth out the line a little.
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                Thanks guys for the feed back. I will work on th angle. As far as her feet go, I don't know if I would call them "funky", but they are small and not much hair. All I really do is take off the sticky outies and round them.



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                  Winnie the Mini

                  Winnie loks fine except tor her muzzle. The beard from corner of eye to end should be brick shaped. In before pic, only front view, the sides are too close into nose. Fur only to outer edge corner of scooping out under eyes. I wish i could draw a picture. Look at your curser as example...straight up and down top to bottom outer edge. Buy or look at Notes from the grooming table. Melissa Ver Plank. Note ad on side of our posts.Fur has to grow, no matter lenght of reverse ^ like that shape on face II more like this.


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                    Looks real nice, but I would take the pattern down to her elbrow and back to the flank area, and also blend the pattern a little more. On the back legs you can comb the hair up and cut along the pattern line and it will help to blend the pattern on the hind legs better.


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                      Same as everyone else with the pattern, a little lower toward the elbow, blend, etc...but she's gorgeous, and I don't think her feet look funny, in face my first thoughts were, "Wow, her legs look gorgeous." (Wish people still said that about mine, lol).

                      Scoop, as usual, nice job.

                      Tammy in Utah
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