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Sweet little dog

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  • Sweet little dog

    This is Lacy, she is just the sweetest little girl ever. She is getting her summer cut. She LOVES to give kisses.
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    Nice job

    Very cute, I had a very cute shih-tzu today that loved to give kisses but what a nut in the tub, couldn't stand to have his head and face washed, doing back flips and hit his head and the same for trimming his face. It's just too bad 4or5 years old and just never gets it but will kiss you the whole time.


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      That's a very dramatic before and after. You did a nice job, and yes, she does really look like a sweetie pie.
      don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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        CUTE lil' dog Scoop! What a difference, she looks great. NICE groom!!


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          Scoop, she's DARLING! You did a nice job. I like how she holds her ears sort of back on her head...she's just cute!

          Tammy in Utah
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            What a cutie!

            I can't tell though, one ear looks about three inches longer than the other, (I know it's not, lol) is her one ear being held at an angle? Or is it blending into her body and that's why I can't see the end?
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              She is adorable.


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                Her one ear does look longer but it really isn't lol, it is just the angle. If the Denver Bronco's ever make it to the Super Bowl (lol) her mom wants me to dye one ear orange and one ear blue. I do give her orange and blue ribbons during the season.