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  • Maybe a poodle Mix

    Zoe is a poo mix (I think) that comes in every 2 weeks for a bath, and a full groom every 4. She is a joy to groom and one of my most favorite dogs that comes to the Salon. The before pic is of her already bathed and mostly dried. She's a sweetheart! BTW her owners have no idea what mix she is - they adopted her from a shelter. What do you all think???
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    I think she looks beautiful! The topknot height and ear length are balanced nicely with the body length. She looks so plush! Nice work!


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      Maybe she is a poodle sch mix. A schnoodle. I just call them Heinz 57s. Cute dog.


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        Definitely poodle and/or Bichon in there--who knows what else....

        Very cute!


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          Yes, she looks pretty and fluffy! Love the bows. She a cockapoo? Nice colors too.


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            I was trying to see the size of her muzzle in the finished picture, but she actually looks like she could be all poodle to me. One of those longer ones with shorther legs. My second guess would be a cocapoo
            don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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              Thank You

              Thanks everyone for the encouragement! Sheri, I appreciated your post so much. It has been a challenge to get the proportions right on this dog, I'm not great at proportions anyway. You're a sweetheart! I wish I knew what mix this girl was - the owners don't like a pointy nose(or ears too long), so I leave a mustache/beard (sort of). But they like to see her eyes (so I shave under them), so it's a strange cut that she gets. Please let me know if you know of something that would look better! She does have a pointy muzzle though furrybestjob - so maybe she is a full poodle(or schnoodle - love it Angie)....guess we'll never know. Hugs to you all!!


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                In the nails, the 2nd photo looks like her ears are pricked up, and when you enlarge it, if you don't pay attention it does look like the ears are pricked up. You did a very nice job at grooming. Cute dog.

                Tammy in Utah
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