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  • john paul pet shampoo by paul mitchell

    has anybody tried using these shampoos? i recently bought some to use on some of the dogs that i groom that seem to have skin problems,i used the medicated today on a dog that has oily but flakey type of skin and i really liked the results the hair felt so nice and it was not oily at all the owner even noticed the hair feeling softer and looking nicer today. i now that the prices for the shampoos are way more but a rather spend a little more money but like the results when i'm done grooming the dog.i will not use the shampoos on all the dogs just the ones that seem to have more problems with their skin and are good clients.

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    John Paul Pet

    I have tried their products and felt like they were ok, not unbelievable but ok. I really like Best Shot and Eqyss.


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      Paul Mitchell products, granted they may be wonderful...But will say the rep that brought them into the shop was a bit uninformed.

      The rep. came in and claimed many stats, the rep said the all time fav of many products..."these are PH balanced for dogs" so of course I asked her what exactly was the PH value, she had no response execpt that it was for I said what is the PH of this dogs skin, as I pointed to dog in the shop. Agin she claimed the product was correct for that dog. This could be true, since most dog products are nuetral within certain levels.

      Not sure how many shops actually use this product, but it is on the high end and I would bet in large cities where folks go to salons for human styling this product would excell.

      I have used the samples they left at the shop, and it was ok, but I choose other products that have done wonders with the skin and coats.

      I prefer certain shampoos,conditioners ect...but always willing to try other stuff on my crew, then decide. I just choose not to use Paul Mitchell



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        I have not tried that shampoo, but I know someone who tried it and liked it. I agree with Groomsaloon. It's good advice to be careful about buying too many different products. I will try samples, but I keep my selection of products very organized and within limits and find that my clients prefer it and that it is much more cost effective as well.


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          There was another thread recently started on this board about John Paul's products in case you want to read the comments there as well. Here's the link so you won't have to search for it:

          If samples aren't available, I usually start by ordering the 12 or 16 ounce bottle of any product I'm wanting to try. Then, if I like the product, I can order a gallon next time. I've narrowed down my favorites over the years, but off the top of my head, I can think of at least 4 companies I still order from:
          Chris Christensen, Davis, Nature's Specialties, and other products like #1 All Systems Crisp Coat, Best Shot, and Grimeinator from Pet Edge.

          Each company sells certain products I like better for certain coat types or skin/coat conditions. For example, Davis sells an Anti-Itch Creme Rinse I love, but they don't sell a product similar to Chris Christensen's After Bath so even though I've narrowed down my product choices, I still need to order from different companies.