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  • maltese-baby

    she is such fun, mom wants full head, short her eyes
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    She is sucha cutie! I had to look twice when I saw the pic, she looks so similar to one I do - same cut. Full head (must use 2 bows however) and short body. Good job with her feet!!


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      Cute facesCute faces on all these

      CYou guys get the cutest kids...cute faces but...I like to know their names.. Can ew tell names...boy or girl?Tell blades used... be more informative maybe.. I like info


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        Originally posted by shihtzugal View Post
        she is such fun, mom wants full head, short her eyes
        Cute doggy. Ugh, short body full head. Do they want it that way so they can keep the topknot? Because if I have a situation like this, I tell them howabout a short face but leave only the topknot long, since they keep it up anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't! (nice grammar, eh?)

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            Her name is Baby. Her mom wants face full to give illusion of full coated dog. I usually hate big head, short body too, but it works on her, as she is very short legged and squat....It just works. Maybe cause she has real big eyes.


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              She he is so cuuuute..

              She reminds me of seniors all dolled up to go to Applebees for lunch.Gotta be Careful with dogs with biog peepers like hers. Big eyes scare me if thy don't sit still. Bet she sits reeeal still cuz Babay wants to be pretty. Foo Foo Babay cologne might be nice for her..Smells like J baby powder, of course.


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                [QUOTE=mustluvdogs1;17314]She reminds me of seniors all dolled up to go to Applebees for lunch.QUOTE]

                Oh MY Goodness, what an anology.


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                  Gracy Rose

                  I'm LOL w/ tears but that cute big eyed maltese with bow on top of head does remind me of an ol lady senior all dooled up to got for lunch nat Applebees. In Az we have Snowbirds we call them Seniors who stay here in winter to keep warm. I live a few miles from Superstition Springs mall and Southern ave w/ Applebees , Olive Garden , Red Lobster etc all in a row. See them lined up outside waiting for lunch...or dinner. But doesn't she look like that?LOL w/tears streaming down cheeks. ok I'm weird.