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    The dog in the pic is Zach. He comes with another one named Max. They are absolutely gorgeous. Their owner takes such good care of them. She is meticulous about the food they get, she brushes and combs them constantly. She brings them to the groomer (not me) just for a brushing every week. These dogs get better treatment than show dogs. I didn't get a pic of Max because he wouldn't stay still.

    I know I forgot to put it up the first time. I hit submit instead of manage attachments.
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    Where is the picture????
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      Awwww, love those babys!
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        I wish more owners of huskies were that responsable!

        I had one a week or so before christmas, that was matted all over including on top of the head and they wanted a brush out! To make matters worse the dog was nutty. Normally I'd brush out the top of the head and shave everything else, but with him I took everything off. I wish I could say he looked good, but at least he was comfortable.


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          Just gorgeous! Gotta love a well-groomed, well-loved, well-trained, well-behaved pet!