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my first grooming

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  • my first grooming

    i'm a student groomer and I did my first clip today on a family friend's Maltese



    the owner said she was happy with it so that's good, but any tips or advice would be much appreciated

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    My obligation initial advice is the face and head don't look clean. Yes get in there and scrub with a tearless shampoo.

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      Are you outdoors? What kind of dryer are you using? Prepping properly is everything, and trying to groom a dog (especially scissor work) on a dog who isn't fully washed, dried & brushed through is an impossibility.


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        First of all, that's a very cute little dog! Second, thanks for posting your pics and remember everyone here are just trying to support you and be helpful.

        How dry is the dog? That after pic of the face looks really wet. Like Moo said your dog must be properly prepped. I always shave just a bit under the nose. Looks clean and stops hair from getting sucked into the mouth. Also looks like the ears are a bit short for my taste, but maybe the owner likes them short.

        Great first effort, keep it up

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          I think, as a first time groom, you did a great job. You are still learning, so in the future, you will learn to take the tip of your clippers and clear the inner corners of the eye of hair, you will learn to take your curved scissors and go around the feet in a circular way, you will learn how to cut the bottom of the ears, etc. You will be learning everyday for the next 30 years like I'm doing. You will do best by also going to grooming seminars and watching the pros do their thing on different breeds that may/may not ever stand on your table, you will be introduced to new products every year, and you will be able to talk to groomers and experience their conquests. I'm hoping that you will enjoy grooming everyday because you are off to a good start.

          Happy doing a great first groom

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            My advice is to invest in professional equipment. It makes a boat load of difference! Spend time reading thier safety manuals to understand thier restrictions and Google videos of people using them so that you see the potential. And last just to keep the list short take a job as a professional bather. The exposure to breeds, their temperament, hair type, and practice with other groomers will be invaluable! Might seem like work that's beneath you but any good groomer will tell you that the FOUNDATION of a good groom is a great bath. Good luck!

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