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    This poor cocker was matted and scared of her own shaddow. She was a fear piddler at that.
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    That poor baby. Looks much more comfortable in the second photo. What a cute little dog. Poor thing is apparently neglected. Did the owners give any excuse?

    It looks like it had a cocker cut (overgrown) in the first photo---I've seen once a years in worse shape, but never with a cocker cut line on them.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Tammy, I didn't talk to the owner, it was a boarder and the card said to shave everything off, so I did!

      The line is just the way the hair grows naturally, it had more of an english cocker or springer spaniel type of coat.

      When I first picked her up I felt twigs and such tangled in the mats, that must get irritating fast! When I put her back in her kennel she wiggled her nub at me, so hopefully she felt much better.


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        Love the spots!!! Very nice smoothie.


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          Yeah thats how it grows naturaly, i agree. Then the top gets carded and stripped to lay smooth. For show. Not like we cut it. Its a shame they dont take care of that dog. Looks so sweet. Love the bi-colors.
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            Nice groom.
            She was so happy with the way she felt when she got back to the kennel she just had to thank you with her little "nub".
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              The haircut looks good. Poor baby at least she was happy after all the **** was gone.
              Never gonna know if you never even try


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                Yeah, spikeytheyorkie has a point with the cocker pattern on him/her. How could owners let their dogs get like that. I hate that. I tell owners to brush their dog to help me out. They say OK and then they come back with the dog solidly matted. I dont get it. some dog owners say that it takes too long. but that is probably because they dont brush them often and when they do the dog is too knotted it takes them longer to get a brush through the coat.