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  • My Favorite Cat

    This was the first cat to come to my shop and my favorite cat client. we always have one day a month jsut for cats but he is so good I can do him on a regular day with dogs. He came in pretty matted so but I saved the coat and he is now a regular. these pics are from the first time he came in.
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    What a gorgeous coat!

    I do alot of cats myself and have been amazed with what you can brush out of a cats coat. I have done a couple that I thought I would have to shave out, but alot of times it comes out pretty easy if you are gentle and the cat is tolerant. Keep up the good work!


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      I, too, am amazed at what can be combed out of a cat, vs. a dog. I wish dog hair would de-mat as easily as cat hair! On the other hand, I'm glad dogs don't have hair like cats!

      That is one pretty kitty, Mayra!

      Tammy in Utah
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        True BEWARE

        Cats do comb out easy BUT beware, they also rip easy if they have a hole do to bite or tick removel . In my very early years of grooming I pulled a tick off sholder and continued to de-mat and tore about a inch skin tear, not cut or muscel==just skin.